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Mancunion Portfolio

All the articles that I have written for the Mancunion can be found by clicking the link below. 

You can find a range of articles that I have written here. In the sections of News, Features, Investigations, Opinions, Lifestyle, Film and Theater.

Although most of these will be news dominated, given my role at the Mancunion, I hope to have provided a range of articles in that as well. 

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These are all the videos that I have done in helping out FUSE TV

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Independent Venue Week | Fuse FM/TV Coverage

February 2023

Under the Spotlight

This is my flagship creation at Manchester Media Group. The idea was based on interviewing people in Manchester and at the University of Manchester who influence policies that might affect students. The idea was to use Fuse TV to record the interviews, having interviewers write up an article for Mancunion and FUSE FM clip up audio and debate on it. Below you can see the FUSE TV recordings.

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The Hindu Portfolio

Below you will find some of the articles that I wrote while interning for The Hindu. I worked largely as a field journalist being sent to parts of New Delhi to cover stories, from protests to examinations.

On first day of CUET, students miss exam due to change of centre

SFI seeks second chance for students who failed to appear for CUET

Skill training centre opens in Delhi’s Malka Gunj

Giving underprivileged youth a shot at life

Union Minister calls for campaign against fast food

Students hold protest against CUET

Tricolour sales soar amid sky-high demand in Capital

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Manchester Historian Portfolio

Manchester Historian is the University of Manchester bi-annual history journal. I have written a few articles here as well that can give you an idea of my background and knowledge of history.

How should we look at Alexander Hamilton today?

Issue 37: Oppression and Resistance

Missionaries: colonialism’s “agent, scribe and moral alibi”?

Issue 38: Language and Culture

Engels in Manchester

Issue 39: Commemoration and Remembrance

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Just a Lil bit of History

This was a history blog that I had tried my hands on. The aim was to pick up extremely niche topics, with very little reference to them. It was an attempt at increasing my skills of research and learning ways how to research better.

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