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My Story

I am currently the award-winning News Producer for Manchester Media Group. I have championed the cause of inclusion, producing an intersectional feminism panel discussion and interviewing the University’s EDI director. I have gained daily news experience by interning at The Hindu, where I have broken stories that inspired protests. I have demonstrated leadership skills by guiding a team of 70 student journalists' covering a march on gender-based violence.


For my persistent dedication towards accurately reporting on news events and my "advocacy-led journalism", I won high commendation for Outstanding Contribution at the Student Publication Association awards.

You can find my work in, The Mancunion, Fuse TV, Fuse FM, The Hindu, The Manchester Historian, In:Colour, and I have also helped with articles and reels for The Guardian, Sky News, ITV and BBC.

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Curriculum Vitae

The following is the range of experiences that I have had in journalism. You can find my work in all these places.


Manchester Media Group

News Producer

April 2021 - Present

I am the News Producer for MMG. My job is to ensure collaborations between the MMG sections, i.e. Mancunion, Fuse FM and Fuse TV.
Previously I have been the News Editor of the Mancunion.


The Hindu 
City News Intern

July, 2023 - August, 2023

I was an intern at the New Delhi city news team for the Hindu, a national newspaper in India. I was given the role of covering protests and political rallies primarily but was also made to cover educational news.


The Big Issue
Breakthrough Freelancer

May 2023 - Present

I have been added to the Big Issues Breakthrough Scheme. I will be freelancing articles with the beat of politics and protests.


Manchester Evening News


May 2023

I will be undertaking a placement at Manchester Evening News, where I will spend time with the News team for local and national articles. I will also be given the experience of reporting from the courts.


BBC North-West, Sky News, ITV NEws, The Guardian

October 2021 - present

I have freelanced for these 4 publications. I have helped set up interviews and gathered information and statistics. I have also helped them get more statistics on student protests.

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Centre for Ganga River Basin Management and Studies

July 2021 - September 2021

This organisation is an Indian think-tank focused on cleaning the river Ganga. My contribution was in collecting research work for the organisation to present at COP26.


Manchester Historian


November 2020 - Present

Manchester Historian is the University's student history journal. I have written a range of topics for them; from racism to communism.


In: Colour


April 2021 - July 2021

Have written an article for In: Colour an online magazine that is about the experiences of people of colour in the UK. My article focused on racism in Kipling's work.

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Journalism Portfolio

Below you can see the 10 best pieces of content that I written or produced. On the portfolio button on the header you will find all the articles I have ever written.

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Interview with Andy Burnham

September 2022

One of the best pieces that showcase what kind of questions I have and can ask politicians during interviews.


Why the SU is annoyingly unrepresentative

October 2022

This is one of the comment pieces that I have written. It tackles the question of representation and the feeling of being left out.

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 15_edited.jpg

Giving underprivileged youth a shot at life

August 2022

This article is my by-line at the Hindu. It led to a better understanding of the story and the problem that many Indians face.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-07 at 12.10.39 AM (4).jpeg

“P*ssed off”: International students’ anger at UoM travel guidance

December 2021

This is an investigation piece wherein a lot of things that the University had offered to the students in terms of travel help during Covid-19 was taken back.


The University of Manchester remove the option of an automatic extension

November 2021

One of the first articles I wrote as the deputy news editor at the Mancunion. It was regarding a battle between the Students Union and the University on assignment submission extensions.

Screenshot 2022-10-04 at 15.50.19.png

On first day of CUET, students miss exam due to change of centre

July 2022

This is one of the big stories I broke during my time at The Hindu. It should be a good example of the variety in writing styles I can provide as well as my promptness of reporting.


Just a random kid from Bombay

Feburary 2022

This article is a much more light-hearted and personal article about my experience growing up in Mumbai. It is a change from the normal articles that I write but it does give an example of my variety.


Review: The Play That Goes Wrong

June 2022

Another example of my variety can be seen here. I have dabbled in the occasional review of films and theatre. This is the best example of it.


Missionaries: colonialism’s “agent, scribe and moral alibi?"

March 2021

This is one of the articles in the history magazine by me. It gives an idea of questioning the true purposes of colonialism.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-07 at 12.10_edited.jpg

Engels in Manchester

November 2021

This article looks to go deeper and show the link that Engels and Manchester have. It also attempts to show how Manchester still reflects what Engles had written in the 19th century.

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Video Portfolio

Below you will be able to see the various videos I have been a part of. From interviews and hustings to games shows and Ted-ed Talks.

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Under the Spotlight: Andy Bunrham

This is the first of a series of interviews we will be doing at MMG. Here we talk to Andy Burnham and get an exclusive quote that says he will be running for a 3rd term as Manchester Mayor.

End Spiking Now Coverage

I helped from behind the camera carry out this coverage wherein we talk to various people present at the Anti-Spiking protest.

Family Fuse | SU Elections Special

In an attempt to get people to talk more about the Student Union Elections, we at MMG attempted to hold a game show.

Activities & Culture Officer Candidate Question Time

At the Student Union Elections, I had helped prepare most of the questions one of which I present myself.

Student Union Election Results

I was one of the pundits discussing the various victors at the student union elections.

Ted-ed Talk - Make fun of yourself

I have given one Ted-ed talk titled "Make fun of yourself." It is about my experience being bullied and how I helped myself out of it.

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Photo Portfolio

I have also tried my hand at photo journalism. These are some of the photos I have taken.

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-07 at 12.10.34 AM (7).jpeg
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Newspaper Design

The following is a gallery of newspaper designs that either use my photos or have been designed by me.

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  1. I won highly commended for the "Billy-Dowling Ried Award for Outstanding Contribution" at the Student Publication Associations (SPA) National Awards, 2023

  2. The Mancunion won "Best Overall Digital Publication" at the SPA National Awards, 2023

  3. The Mancunion won "Best Design" at the SPA National Awards, 2023

  4. The Mancunion has been nominated for "Best Publication in the UK and Ireland" at the SPA National Awards, 2023

  5. Nominated for "Best Comment" at the SPA National Award, 2023

  6. Nominated for "Best Student Photographer" at the SPA National Awards, 2023

  7. The Mancunion won "Best Publication in the North" at the SPA Regional Awards, 2023

  8. Won "Outstanding Commitment" for the Mancunion at the Manchester Media Group (MMG) Awards, 2022

  9. Won "Best Interview" for Fuse TV at the MMG Awards, 2022

  10. Won "Best News Series" for Under the Spotlight at the MMG Awards, 2022

  11. The Mancunion won "Best Publication in UK and Ireland" at the  SPA National Awards, 2022

  12. The Mancunion won a high commendation for the "Best Publication in the North" at SPA Regional Awards, 2022

  13. The election coverage, led by me, won the "Best Collaborative MMG Project" at the Student Union awards, 2022

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